The Zones ministry is not a ministry per se, but it is really more of a grouping of all church members, attendees and regular church goers of GLCC. They form a small “community” of believers in a locality, geographically clustered as:

LaMP Zone (Laubach Rd, Medley, Pacdal and vicinity)

Zone Leader: Bro Rolly Babsaay (0922 858 8299)

Naguillian Zone ( Dominican Rd, Queen of Peace, Irisan, Asin Rd and vicinity)

Zone Leader: Sis Beth Antolin (0908 891 7134) and Bro Alfon Mirador (0999 995 5698)

LeMarc Zone (Legarda Rd, Marcos Hi Way and vicinity)

Zone Leader: Bro. Dom Cariaga (0917 506 5938)

TriVal Zone (Trinidad Valley and vicinity)

Zone Leader: Bro. Jess Sabado (0921 326 7370)

KeLoRd  Zone (Kennon Rd, Loakan Rd and vicinity)

Zone Leader: Bro Richard Ulat (0918 914 5447)

Zone Ministry aims to provide a grouping where everyone can be involved with and be a part of and provide/ establish  a Cell Group for their bible studies for spiritual growth, fellowship and even extend help, assistance during emergencies, etc. Aside from the Zone Servant/Leaders, the ministry also includes Bro. Rolly Queri (0939 469 7824) who's serving as coordinator, Sis. Beth Antolin as assistant coordinator, Sis. Mavic Caasi  (0918 925 5378) who's serving as ministry treasure and Sis AJ Ombajin (0923 828 0851) performing the role of a secretary.
The Zone Servants