By Ptr. Robbie Casas

Indeed, what is the big deal about Christmas? Now more than ever, I believe this question needs to be both asked and answered. In fact, here in the Philippines, Christmas season begins in early September – at least that's what the major malls want us to think. It's really quite ridiculous to hear Christmas carols over the sound system and to see the beginnings of Christmas decors in malls – with summer not even barely over! Now why would they do that? Is it because they would want people to prepare their souls for the celebration of the first advent of the Savior of the world? Hardly. I think we all know that it is really to entice people to prepare their wallets for the most lucrative season of the year for the shopping industry. No wonder for many people today, the sound of Christmas carols is like a signal – for some, really a warning – that the season for hectic spending has now come upon them.

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