Inspired Ladies At Work (ILAW)

The ILAW  ministry commit to provide, facilitate and support opportunities for women of the church to grow and deepen in their relationship with God, with each other and also reach out to the community.
Mission Statement:

I -  Inculcating - Knowing Christ   2 Peter 3:18

L - Living- Growing In Christ  Colossians 1:10

A - Admonishing - Fellowshiping In Christ  Thessalonians 5:11

W - Witnessing - Winning To Christ  Luke 24:47-48

Goals: We acknowledge the responsibility of Christian Women to be actively involved in the church that they may grow and deepen in their relationship with God and each other through:

-  Regular teaching and study of scriptural truths.

-  Activities that provide opportunities to acquire, cultivate and use talents,gifting and skills for service and ministry.

-  Fellowship with other women involving prayer, building friendships, accountability and spiritual support.

-  Reaching out into the community to evangelize and share livelihood skills.

Ministry Regular Activities:

1. ILAW Retreat

- 3rd Saturday of the month

2. Together Growing in Faith (T. G. I. F.)

- Every 3rd Friday of the month

3. Young Mom's Fellowship

- 2nd Sunday of the month

4. Core discipleship with spiritual leaders of the church

- 2nd Monday of the month

5. ILAW core regular meeting with an elder overseer to exhort the Word

6. ILAW Lakad

- 3rd Saturday of October

7. ILAW Christmas Fellowship

- 1st Friday of December

Ministry Special Activities:

1. Women Helping Women

2. Beauty Inside And Out

3. Ilaw Family Day

4. General Assembly