Greeters and Ushers Ministry (GUM)

GUM is a ministry whose workers are dedicated to meet church members, first time visitors and guests at the doorway to usher them at the vacant seats as they arrive for Sunday Services and other activities. GUM Ministry
Ministry Verse:

“ Better is one day in your court than a thousand

elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God

than dwell in the tents of the wicked.”

Psalm 84:10 –

Commitment Statement: We recognize our responsibility as members of Guiding Light Christian  Church to abide by, submit and commit ourselves to the vision and mission of our church and to uphold the biblical principles that will help and build and deepen our service in ministry. We commit ourselves to be of service to congregation members and guests before, during and after every service by:

1. Giving a warm welcome to congregation members and guests arriving for service;

2. Assisting congregation members and guests to quickly find a seat.

3. Helping maintain peace and order before, during and after the service;

4. Being of help to ministries that need our assistance.

Mission Statement: Dependent upon the power of the Holy Spirit, we lead and help guide every member of this ministry to a deeper knowledge of and fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Encouraging accountability in each member, we seek to be careful in our testimony by manifesting Christ in our lives. It is our desire that in our ministry of receiving members and visitors during our Sunday service,  people will see Jesus Christ in our smiles and actions.

The Objectives of this ministry are:

1. to be men and women who are deep in the truth of God, able to share the pure gospel of Christ to others ; and

2. to be men and women of service and assistance to congregation members and guests in church functions, reflecting Christ’s love in their service.

The Ushers’ Responsibilities in the Worship:

1. Know the order of service:

- Scripture reading

- Worship

- Announcement

- Praying for the Birthday Celebrants

- Welcoming of the First Timers

- Communion (first Sunday of the Month)

- Song Offering/Presentations (4th Sunday of the Month)

- Question and Answer

- Memory Verse

- Prayer

- Word

- Closing Prayer

Prayer, Scripture reading and Worship are among the sacred moments in every church service. Ushers can help make these moments more meaningful to everyone by their example of quiet attention. Movements in the building and late members  entering  the  sanctuary  during  these  time shall be stopped while all thoughts  and  actions  are centered on talking with God, hearing from God through His Word and communing with Him through music.

2. Greet the people:

The usher shall use greetings that seem appropriate to those whom he/she speaks, like “Good Morning/Good Afternoon. It’s good to see you today”, “Welcome. It’s our pleasure to have you come”, “How nice to see you today”. A pleasant greeting may also be a nod of the head and a friendly smile. A handclasp if given, should be firm, sincere, not limp or too hard.

The usher should not show partiality in his greeting. Make special effort to avoid partiality to any person who enters the building.  Long conversation with friends may cause the usher to neglect people desiring to be seated.

- Welcoming of the first time visitor:

The usher shall have with him/her a first-timers’ envelope.  When the pastor/elder/ministry head  will call on the first timer to rise,  the usher shall see to it that the visitor is already standing up before giving the first timers’  envelope.  Encourage  the  first  time  visitor to come in  front  for recognition and to be welcomed by the congregation. Ushers should stay with them in front and tell them to go back to their seats after the welcoming.  Ask the visitor to fill up the welcome card and tell him/her to put it at the tithes box or be the one to get it after the service. Encourage the first time visitor for a cup of coffee with the elders and for the sharing of the gospel at the counseling room. Thank them and invite them to come back again.

3. Seat the people:

The major responsibility of the usher is to properly seat individuals coming for service.

- The rows at the back will be reserved for:

a. People with toddlers

b. Latecomer

c. Sick people

- Seat people as near the front and center as possible before filling other seats. Rear chairs should be reserved for latecomers, however, recognize that people may have requests to be seated in specific places. Always give the benefit of the doubt in a person’s desire for special seating.

- Walk slowly down the aisle, stopping at the row where the people are to be seated and form a gate into the seating area by placing the hand on the back of the row in front. The usher should walk no more than two to three steps ahead of those he is seating.  If the usher walks too fast, people will lag behind and feel alone.  In any case, never indicate any expression of surprise or irritation when the party leaves the usher with no one to seat.

- Assist individuals to be seated. Do not leave individuals to push their way through crowded pews to sit. Quietly ask those who are already seated to move toward the center or help clear the passage for those who need to be seated.  Attract as little attention as possible.

- As the usher returns to the back of the sanctuary, the usher should always observe vacant seats so he may know where to seat others next. The usher should be alert and be aware when people arrive at his/her aisle for seating. He should always lead people to their seats, not to point them to a seat. He should never leave his station or lapse into inattention. He should remain at his assigned post until the prayer before the Word has begun, but if his/her assigned post were already fully filled up he/she will transfer to another post and help other ushers.

- Latecomers should be seated by the ushers at times other than the reading of the Scriptures. Latecomers who arrive after the preaching has begun should not be seated at the 1st five rows in front.

- Persons with special physical problems, which make it necessary for them to leave the service, should be seated near the back of the sanctuary.

4. Dealing with disturbances created by small children.

Members and guests should be welcomed in the lobby.  At this time  pre-school  children  should  be  invited  to  join  the  Children’s Creative Workshop (CCW) class. However, care should be taken to make certain that parents do not feel that their children are unwelcome.   Wandering children may be encouraged to be brought to the toddlers room so that they will not disturb other worshippers.

If the children become too noisy, approach them and tell them to keep quiet and if they still won’t stop, talk to the parents in an appropriate manner. If the parents still do not mind, report it to the Pastor.  Children should learn at an early age that it is not permissible to wander in and out from the front seats of the sanctuary especially during the service.

5. Check ventilation before the service.

6. Assist the church and/or ministries that have major programs that need the help of the ushers. (Ex. Distribution of the church publication – The Light, worship nights.

7. Help maintain order during services.

8. Be attentive to the needs of attendees during the service. (Approach the Doctors or nurses in case of  emergencies like when there’s someone who’s not feeling well).

9. Every activity of ushering should be done with reverence to the Lord as the heart reaches out in true worship with the congregation.  The usher working  inside  the  sanctuary  will  find  it  necessary to work and worship simultaneously


An usher is not measured by his appearance, but his/her appearance tells a lot about him/her.  A person who believes and sees God’s house as an important place, will make a special effort to look his/her best in attending church. Avoid untidy, awkward or conspicuous appearances.

The usher should carry himself with erect dignity and poise.  He should seek to glorify God with well-mannered control of spirit and body.

The usher must be well-groomed and presentable.

Ministry Activities:  

Sunday Ushering

Schedule: Every Sunday, 8:45AM / 2:45PM

Sunday Ushering

Bible Study

Schedule: Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month

Venue: GLCC, Philippians Hall

Bible Study

Ministry Intercession

Schedule: Every Friday within 8 to 11PM

Sunday Prayer Time

Schedule: Every Sunday, 8:30AM

Venue: Toddlers’ Room

Intercession with Ministry Prayer Partner (SPARK)

Time: Every 4th Sunday of the Month after the AM service

Venue: GLCC Sanctuary

Interecession with the Ministry Prayer Partner


Visited Bro. Carlos Aradanas and Family

Core Meeting

Schedule: Every 1st Friday of the Month, 6:30-8:00 PM

       Venue: GLCC

GUM Core Meeting

Core Members:
Gary Estacio

Gary Estacio

Ministry Head

Bong Almogela

Bong Almogela

Assistant Ministry Head

Helen Ayeras

Helen Ayeras


Annaliza Balancio

Annaliza Balancio

Assistant Secretary

Fely Lingbaoan

Fely Lingbaoan


Ruth Bayacsan

Ruth Bayacsan

Assistant Secretary

Lou Domingo

Lou Domingo


Mitzi Karen Fernandez

Mitzi Karen Fernandez


Jhun Masi

Jhun Masi